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Chrome zooming when using scroll wheel

As I was browsing the web a few days ago, I started noticing that every time I scrolled down on the mouse wheel, Chrome would zoom the page to 90%.

At first I thought Ctrl was stuck, but after rebooting and testing a bit, I found out that it was not the problem. The culprit was a util I use called KatMouse

This I found after searching and finding this post

Michael Uttley writes at the Google product forums:

It looks like the zooming issue is related to mouse scrolling freeware. From seeing the comments below about “KatMouse”, I took a look at a tool I run called “WizMouse.” The purpose of these tools is to allow scrolling windows without focusing on them. Settings can be changed in these to fix the problem.


KatMouse (per nsx82): Add class: Chrome_WidgetWin_1, and under the settings tick option: “Window ┬áhas scrolling wheel support?” (try checked first)

WizMouse (per JoPa Mi): Uncheck “Enable mouse wheel for applications without mouse wheel support”