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Installing mingw/msys with FreeGlut and Glew

I was trying to set up mingw/msys with freeglut and Glew, to be able to do some programming in OpenGL. None of the instructions I found seemed to be just right, so I’ve tried to document the steps I needed to get it to work.

Get the latest mingw-get-inst from SourceForge (tested with mingw-get-inst-20120426):

Run it, and install all the packages.

Some more info here: http://mingw.org/wiki/Getting_Started

Download the source for freeglut here:
http://freeglut.sourceforge.net/index.php#download (tested with 2.8.1)

Open up an msys shell window. Unpack freeglut, and configure, build and install with the following commands:

./configure --with-x=no --prefix=/mingw
make install

Download the source from Glew (tested with 1.9.0):


Unpack in the msys shell, and build and install with the following commands:

make GLEW_DEST=/mingw install

That should have you up and running.

Some tutorials and stuff will tell you to link against library names that’s not quite right in mingw.

I built the first example from here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenGL_Programming/Modern_OpenGL_Introduction

with the following command:

g++ triangle.c -lglut -lglew32 -lopengl32 -o triangle

Hope this is of any use.