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Chrome zooming when using scroll wheel

As I was browsing the web a few days ago, I started noticing that every time I scrolled down on the mouse wheel, Chrome would zoom the page to 90%.

At first I thought Ctrl was stuck, but after rebooting and testing a bit, I found out that it was not the problem. The culprit was a util I use called KatMouse

This I found after searching and finding this post

Michael Uttley writes at the Google product forums:

It looks like the zooming issue is related to mouse scrolling freeware. From seeing the comments below about “KatMouse”, I took a look at a tool I run called “WizMouse.” The purpose of these tools is to allow scrolling windows without focusing on them. Settings can be changed in these to fix the problem.


KatMouse (per nsx82): Add class: Chrome_WidgetWin_1, and under the settings tick option: “Window ┬áhas scrolling wheel support?” (try checked first)

WizMouse (per JoPa Mi): Uncheck “Enable mouse wheel for applications without mouse wheel support”


Note frequency in Ableton Live (Max4Live)

I made a small utility in Max4Live to display the frequency of the note played.
It also displays the frequency four octave above and below, in addition the note name, and the midi number.

Not a big deal, but can be useful in certain situations, to avoid having to do the math yourself.