The Viscount c.100 volume pedal

Viscount c.100 volume pedal

Viscount c.100 volume pedal

Just a small update on the organ I have been gutting.

I have found out a lot, and will write some more about it real soon. I just wanted to write some words on this recent find, as I think it is a bit cute.

Earlier today I took the whole organ apart, to save some room in my studio, and was just trying to figure out the volume pedal’s resistance and stuff, for use with a guitar or something, maybe. Anyway, using my multimeter to measure the leads from the pedal didn’t give me any clues, so I opened it up.

Instead of the potentiometer I expected to find, the makers have used a small light bulb, and a light dependent resistor in a small room under the pedal. When you move the pedal, a plate divides the room more or less, and thus letting more or less light in on the LDR. Not very advanced, and not a new concept (to me), but I thought it funny that such a solution was used here.

Lamp and LDR in the Viscount c.100 volume pedal

Lamp and LDR in Viscount c.100 volume pedal

I have also figured out, in theory, how to hook up the spring reverb, and hopefully that will be something I will write about in my next post, as I am gonna build a small effect box to have it in. The plan is to make it both usable as a guitar effect, and as an insert effect in a mixer.

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