Gutting an old transistor organ

I’ve had an old Viscount c.100 transistor organ standing around in my
studio for quite a while, and I’ve finally come around to start gutting
it. The goal is to learn a bit more about electronics, as well as try to
be able to use the spring reverb, the rhythm generator and the pedals
for something else.


What I am thinking with the reverb is to put it in it’s own box, so that
it can be used as an insert effect on mixers, or as a pedal effect for

The rhythm section can be used for what it is for, but I want to build
it into a smaller box, so it is portable and can be used in different
situations. Also, since I have figured out it gates the bass pedals, I
will try and add connections so it can be used as a trigger/gate for
other stuff.

The pedals I will build into a box, with the oscillators so that it can
be used on it’s own as a foot driven bass keyboard for live performances.

I am self thought when it comes to electronics, and I have not studied
it very well, but I do know some basics. So this is a challenge, but a
good one.

In lack of a proper oscilloscope I am using xoscope with a sound card probe.

More pictures, and some sketches will come when I figure out something
useful, and have organized my notes.

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